Please accept my gift to the UAA Scholarship Fund
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It is because of your generosity that allows us the ability to support our mission work as a volunteer organization to keep the Ursuline Alumnae Scholarship Fund alive and thriving so we can continue to provide tuition assistance for children of Santa Rosa Ursuline Alumnae that attend Cardinal Newman High School.
The true beneficiaries of this scholarship fund are the over 400 students that our organization has been able to help support with tuition assistance for over 27 years.Your support enables us to provide tuition assistance to Ursuline Alumnae families. 
Families of these students are:

  • Ursuline High School and Cardinal Newman Alumnae
  • Have grandparents that attended UHS and CN
  • Have Aunts & Uncles that attended UHS and CN
  • Have Cousins that attended UHS and CN
  • Have Sisters & Brothers that attended UHS and CN

The Ursuline Alumnae Association wants this tradition to continue for years to come and with your support we can make a difference in a student’s life!